Sunday, April 13, 2014

Andrew Delle Bovi: Asn8 : Powercopy Knowledgeware

I started with a simple grid, created a multi-sectioned surface and then projected the points 
and created a fill object from connected poly-lines. This created the power copy.

Surface spline: height and length parameters are linked to grid spacing and amount of grid points.

Here the projected point surface is "stretched," we can see how the power-copies adjust to the change in the surface shape.

As the grid spacing is increased, the power-copies grow along with it but at a smaller spacing the extrusions stretch further and the inverse happens when scaling up.

Elevations of 1 inch spacing versus 5 inch spacing respectively. 

Additionally the power-copy extrusions are linked to an excel file which allows access 
to a random number generator. When updated we can see different results. Also,
by applying multiplication factors we can control the "range" of the randomization.

Here is an experimentation with applications of color changing parameters. As we randomize the extrusion heights linked to the excel sheet and stretch the projected point surface, we can see which power-copies exceed the limit of the max-area parameter and which remain below it. 

A quick snip of the color changing script applied for each power copy row created 
digital project.

Some material studies, just for fun......

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