Monday, April 21, 2014

Andrew Delle Bovi: Asn11 : FINAL PROJECT

The surface framework that controls the mapping of each component.

The power-copy framework that controls the aperture of each surface in relation to the attractor.

Top View/Elevation View

Surf_Dist Parameter: Controls how long or how short the surface that these components are mapped to is.

Tab_length Paramter: Controls the length of exterior tabs of each power copy, this is to provide for space in order for the modules to overlap successfully. 

Attractor_pos Parameter: This controls the location of the attractor which adjusts the opening aperture of each module in relative distance from the attractor.

Attractor_factor Parameter: This controls how much or how little the attractor takes effect on each module.

Offset_factor Parameter: This controls how large or how small the offset of each module is from its original dimension.

Finally we have a grid showing the unfolded geometry that could be exported and cut for fabrication!

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