Monday, March 10, 2014

Andrew Delle Bovi: Asn6 : Powerful Replication

Exploring Powercopies!!!!

The adjustable framework, each limb is limited by a length of 1 unit.

A point located in the center of the framework is projected upwards.
A  three-dimensional curved surface is then derived from the point 
and framework perimeter. The Framework intersecting points are then
projected onto the curved surface.

The initial input parameters are four points on the projected surface
and the center point of the total framework.

Here we see the first geometry created to be "powercopied"
onto the existing quadrants of the grid.

Here the relationship between the top and bottom openings and
the base dimensions of the grid is explained. The result is with closer modules
to the center of the grid, also the peek of the curved surface, there will be 
larger top and bottom openings on the module. The farther away the smaller 
the openings become.

These animations show the results as the center point that controls that peek 
height of the surface is manipulated from -1 unit all the way to +1 unit.

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